Digital Photo Solutions - CruiseVision GmbH
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Photography on cruise ships

Professional photography on board, offered through our innovative Digital Photo Solution

Cruise films

Capturing unforgettable moments: cruise films, directly produced and sold on board

Digital Photo Solutions

Easy to manage, entertaining, intuitive and sustainable – our genuine Digital Photo Solution offers a truly unique and innovative way to present photos and films. Face-detection terminals provide an easy and uncomplicated way for the customers to find their pictures by comparing the local photo archive with a reference picture. Combining special hard- and software components we offer flexible, individual and efficient usage of the system in different locations.

Content Datamanagement

Walls full of analog pictures are a thing of the past: with our monitor-walls, touch-terminals and kiosk-system we enable your customers to digitally preview, order and directly print out their chosen pictures. The system is available in different languages e.g. German, French, English and Spanish.

Our Digital Photo Solution is available to you customers throughout their whole voyage. After the cruise the pictures are still available and ready to order through our content management system.

CV-Mitarbeiter mit Kunde
Foto- und Videoteam der MS 6

Sustainable and easy to manage


All photos are available on-demand throughout the whole journey – from embarkation to departure day! Space-saving,easy-to-use and sustainable: only ordered and payed photos are printed out.

Appealing and entertaining


Transforming the old, analog picture-walls to modern and sleek digital galleries the sales-area reaches a new level of quality. Likewise an eye-catcher and entertaining factor alike our screens create a relaxed atmosphere for the passengers to browse through the pictures.

Fotokiosk auf der Mein Schiff 4
Reconstruction from analogue picturewalls to our Digital Photo Solution on board of ships of Pullmantur Cruises

Before and after views on our photo and film desks on board of MV Sovereign and MV Zenith from Pullmantur Cruises. All construction was carried out during normal cruise operation.