Our Photo-Experience is unique in its combination of hardware and software components. There are no limits to the expansion variations.

Equipped with in-house developed photo tagging, advertising displays and intuitive touch terminals, guests can quickly and easily collect and order their personal photos on board. The photos are provided digitally or on paper – only what is ordered by the guest is produced. The system is sustainable, resource-saving and space-saving.


Service-friendly and entertaining, intuitive and GDPR-compliant – with our Photo-Experience, we offer a unique presentation of photos and films.

We always integrate our solution into the specific location and take customer’s wishes and requirements into account.

Our complete solution interacts with the interfaces of leading hotel software and includes its own order management system for processing orders from the shopping cart system.


To ensure that passengers can only view and order their personal photos at the terminals, each photo is tagged when it is taken by a scan of the cabin card. This system is based on software developed in-house and combines compliance with high data protection standards with the convenience of giving passengers direct access to their personal photos and other products.


On request, guests can register for our after-sales service during their stay on board so that they can order their own photos via a protected link even after the cruise.


In addition to the software and hardware for the ships, CruiseVision also employs the crew. Our photographers and videographers are well prepared before they start working on board. Both the technical expertise and all the necessary international documents are provided by our Crew Service.